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Omni Theatre is more than a theatre production company.


Omni Theatre offers a number of services outside of our productions. 



Need help with a project? We have a number of experienced directors available who can help bring your script to life. 


Whether it's working on a community project, a school show, or a national tour - we have the director for you.

We have directed school productions including: Les Miserables, Rent, Oliver, Annie, Grease, Ticket Out of Looserville, Thirteen, Spring Awakening, The Dreaming


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From jazz to hip-hop, we have a number of choreographers with over ten years experience working with professional dancers to absolute beginners. 

Whether its workshops based on technique and skills, routines for competition, or full choreography for performances - our dance specialists are on hand to provide support every step of the way.

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Experienced in casting for theatre, musical theatre and print, with contacts throughout the industry. 

We run casting sessions, organise spotlight submissions, book audition rooms, prepare candidates, liaise with agencies, hold large scale workshops - if you need assistance with the whole process or just a part of it, get in touch.

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Workshop Leader


For corporate, schools or community. 

We can provide specialist teachers for a number of different scenarios including, but not limited to, drama, devising, puppetry, team building, stage combat, dance (various styles and levels), singing, performance, LAMDA, audition technique, cheer leading, voice (projection, diction, articulation), confidence building, and on specific plays and musicals suitable for schools studying or staging particular shows.

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Omni Promotional Staff

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