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ROCKY HORROR experience


Rocky - The Rocky Horror Experience
Frank - The Rocky Horror Experience
Eddie - The Rocky Horror Experience
Brad - The Rocky Horror Experience
Riff Raff - Rocky Horror Experience
Time Warp - Rocky Horror Experience
Sweet Transvestite
Hot Patootie - Bless My Soul
Touch Me
Touch Me
Let's Do the Time Warp Again
Science Fiction - Double Feature
Rocky - The Rocky Horror Experience
Frank n Furter - Rocky Horror
Science Fiction - Double Feature
Sweet Transvestite
Over at the Frankenstein Place
There's a light

I see you shiver with antici....pation

The Rocky Horror Experience is a night of excess and revelry. 

Our experienced performers will lead the audience through the the experiences of Brad and Janet, when they arrive at Frank-n-Furter's castle on a very special night.

Live performances of all of your favourite classics from the show including Sweet Transvestite, The Time Warp, Touch Me, and Don't Dream It.

Costumes are encouraged but not essential.

Omni Theatre's immersive experiences are unlike a normal act or event. The live performances are interspersed throughout the night, and interspersed with DJ music appropriate to the theme. The party never stops!

Available throughout the UK - specialising in London and the South of England. 

Please get in touch to discuss a bespoke quote and availability. 

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